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Fuping county

in Hebei Provin

ce, Huayuan county

▓ in Hu

nan Province and

  • Dongxiang Autonomou▓s County in

  • + Yesterday

Gansu Province."In s

  • ome localities, people have ▓the

  • - Lastweek

misconception th

y ▓granting them access to education."In poor regions, improving education should be a priority▓. Children should be given a fair cha▓nce at the starting point of their lives. Giv▓e them opportunities to be educated, to go to college. Then in eight to ten year▓s, they will have the means to become well-off, or at least to feed themselv▓es," Xi said.He has demanded more financial su

at poverty relie

pport be given to education in remote and rural areas, and that the development of compulsory education receives due attention.Teachers could be sent on a rotating basis to poor mountainous areas, Xi▓ said, suggesting offering teachers better pa▓y and greater opportunities for promot▓ion.To move people out of poverty, Xi believes, it is crucial to instill in them an aspiratio▓n to li

ffer some

financial support. For yo▓ung peo

ortant t

o help t

saying tha

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